What Is the Middle Tennessee Chapter of Choristers Guild?

I sat down at the piano yesterday to play through some music to generate ideas for the upcoming choir season. In the back of my mind I had already crossed off “find children’s musical for spring,” thinking that I would bring back a classic, “Oh Jonah!” However, as I began to play, I ran across the new, delightfully charming and inspiring musical, “Esther,” by Erik Whitehill. Possibilities abound!

I have been given the gift of musically sound, theologically-based music throughout my years of working with children’s choirs, thanks to Choristers Guild. I feel fortunate to have “oldies but goodies” to fall back upon, as well as new music to challenge. I am also grateful for the membership of Choristers Guild. I have learned so much from working together with other directors and leaders, and therefore, my choirs have benefitted.

I am writing today to let you know that I will be stepping down as President of the Middle TN Choristers Guild. Also, at this time, the members of our board are rotating off. We are in great need of new leadership!!

The national Choristers Guild support staff is ready and willing to help get a new Middle TN Choristers Guild board off the ground. There are funds in our account, and there is support to be had. We just need willing and able persons!

If you think you might be interested in being on the board and/or have questions, please contact Ellen Yost at eyost@mailcg.org.

Thanks so much, and blessings on your upcoming year!

Amy Cooper

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Choristers Guild is an international organization of professional and volunteer directors of children's and youth choirs.

The Middle Tennessee Chapter consists of area musicians who provide:

Our primary mission is to nurture the spiritual and musical growth of children and youth. By providing training and educational opportunities, Choristers Guild assists leaders in churches and schools in understanding the importance of children's choirs and youth choirs. These choirs foster a spirit of community and cooperation, encourage involvement in worship, and provide a musical education essential to creating the leaders of tomorrow.

For more information about Choristers Guild, please visit the national website at http://www.choristersguild.org

Choristers Guild singers